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Umarex Notos / PP750, PP800, CP1, CP2, PEEK upgrade poppet valve

Umarex Notos / PP750, PP800, CP1, CP2, PEEK upgrade poppet valve

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Upgrade PEEK exhaust / poppet valve for Artemis / SPA / Snow Peak / SMK PP750, PP800, CP1, CP2, Diana Airbug, Chaser, Bandit, etc. NOT compatible to PP700.

Valve body is precision machined from high quality PEEK material. Mated to polished 303 stainless steel stem. Optimized sealing surface geometry makes the valve easier to seal.
PEEK is much harder and stronger than factory Delrin valve, and is well suited for high pressure applications.

Installation note: It's possible that you get a slow leak first time filling up after installing the new valve. This is due to the valve not being fully seated or small debris between the valve and the seat. Simply dry fire a few times while the cylinder is pressurized, this will create a seal and leak will stop from now on. PEEK is harder to seal and might require higher regulated pressure. For factory replacement we recommend our Delrin upgrade valve.

Note 1: Please make sure to select the right variant. CP1 / CP2 valve stem is slightly shorter than PP750 / Notos.

Note 2: DO NOT fire when the cylinder is not pressurized! Both factory and upgrade valve will crack if dry fired without cylinder pressure.

Designed and Made in Canada.
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