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Maple Custom Products

Kral single shot loader

Kral single shot loader

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MAPLE Custom Products single shot loader

Single shot loader for most Kral air rifles, including:
Np02, Np03, Breaker, Bullpup, Hi-Cap, Np500, Pro 500, Knight, Armour, Empire X, Empire XS, Nortal, Mortal X, Nish, Jumbo, Maxi
Also compatible with some Webley air rifles using standard Kral magazine.
- Swing out design, easy pellet insertion.
- Comes standard with o-ring to prevent pellet from falling out.
- Load pellet in any position. 
- Prevents pellet damage and improves accuracy.
- Available in .177, .22, .25
- Optionally available to swing out from the right side.

To install simply align the locating bar on the single shot loader with the slot in the receiver and push in the loader from the side. The loader will be locked in place by an integrated latch. To remove simply push out the loader from the opposite side.

Designed and Made in Canada
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