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Maple Custom Products

Kral air rifle magazine

Kral air rifle magazine

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MAPLE Custom Products magazine

Multi-shot standard capacity magazine for most Kral air rifles, including:
Np02, Np03, Breaker, Bullpup, Hi-Cap, Np500, Pro 500, Knight, Armour, Empire X, Empire XS, Nortal, Mortal X, Nish, Jumbo, Maxi
Lightweight and super tough. Easy loading & smooth action. Round count indicator when you reach the last 3 shots. Preventing pellet damage and improves accuracy.
.177: 12 shots
.22: 10 shots
.25: 8 shots

Material: durable & high temperature resistant PETG.

New design:
- Magazine inserts from the right (same as factory mag)
- Easy loading: pellets are held in place by o-ring
- SUPER smooth action. Unlike the factory magazine, will not damage pellets
- Shot count indicator for the last 3 shots

Designed and Made in Canada
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