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FX Wireless Radar Chronograph Micro USB Adaptor Kit

FX Wireless Radar Chronograph Micro USB Adaptor Kit

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FX Wireless radar chronograph Micro USB adaptor kit. Convert your FX chrony to be powered from Micro USB source such as power banks, wall adaptors, laptops, etc.

Can be used with most USB power banks, wall adaptors, computer, etc.

AAA lithium battery at $10 a pop will only last for 10 hours. A cheap 10000 mAh power bank will last for DAYS!

You won't have to purchase expensive AAA lithium batteries or keep changing alkaline batteries any more.

Fully compatible with MKI, MKII radars. To install simply take off the battery cover and remove batteries. Insert the included wired dummy battery EXACTLY as indicated on the picture, then install the included Micro USB cover.

- Use at your own caution! If the polarity is reversed you WILL kill your chrony. We are not responsible for any damage that this adaptor kit may cause. It's your responsibility to make sure that the polarity and voltage are correct before plugging in the Micro USB cable.
- Some USB power banks may shut off when the power draw is too small. This may be fixed by connecting the chronograph to a phone before the power bank shuts off, since a chronograph that's connected to a phone consumes significantly more power.

Include everything needed to convert your FX chronograph to be powered by Micro USB. FX chrono, USB cable and other items on picture for reference only.

Designed and Made in Canada.
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